photo of the day (monday, monday)


Here are my mostly companions sitting nearby as I take some early morning quiet time in front of the computer.


They’ve been out, breakfasted and treated at least a time or two and so they are willing to let me be for at least a little while.

No one else is awake just yet and I’m getting my brains ready for the week ahead.

There is school work to be done, chores, and Clare has a vaulting lesson and musical theater in the afternoon. Can I please use “Because it’s Monday” as an excuse to not get much done?


I can’t complain one iota about the weather we are having. Being at the barn in the crisp, cool fall air is a delight. It’s still warm enough to ride without frozen noses, fingers and toes and that’s all right by me.


Clare joins in with her vaulting class and I take some time to visit the horses. This is Archie, a Hafflinger cross. He’s a sweet old boy and loves to lick your hands.


The Friesians have their heavy winter coats and stare longingly into the pasture. Grazing time is over until the spring. I bet they miss the grass. I wonder what the horses think of Winter.

~ by photobella on 2 November, 2009.

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