photo of the day (a sunday in rather ordinary time)


Clare was asked to help tell a story about Peace at our church along with a couple of other girls from her Religious Education class. She’s in her Halloween costume because the kids got to go through the annual Haunted House even though it was the day after Halloween and All Saints Day to boot. We Unitarians are a wacky bunch, aren’t we?


Then it was on to vaulting class. I thought it was our last class but it looks as though we will keep on going until it’s too cold and people stop showing up. Ok, I’m game!


Today we used 2 of the Friesians, Jorritt and Tammi. We’ve used Jorritt for vaulting but I’ve never ridden Tammi before. She is not the biggest Friesian at the barn but she is bigger than Jorritt. Just so you know, even though Clare is riding her with a saddle on, there are no reins and no stirrups. In order to mount, you have to jump up, throw your leg over and get on while another person helps you up. I admit it: I stressed out about whether or not I could get my fat old self up high enough without embarrassing the hell out of myself or killing the person who was helping me mount. But I managed to get on without too much fuss or injury to anyone involved.

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but Clare wasn’t thrilled with the ride. Tammi is a bit challenging for a beginning rider. She’s huge and her trot is bouncy and while her canter is much smoother, it is pretty fast. But it was a thrill. I hope I get to do it again. I got right on Jorrit to do some vaulting exercises right after being on Tammi and my legs felt like such jello, I declined to stand this time around.

I am so very glad I got my chance to learn to ride and to be around horses before it was too late.

~ by photobella on 1 November, 2009.

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