photo of the day (happy halloween!)


Lucky us! We got to celebrate Halloween twice this year and we had twice the fun. Our usual plans of heading into Norwalk fell through because poor Molly was feeling rather ill and not fit for company. Instead we watched old horror movies and had a quick dinner before heading into Newtown, the Halloween capital of Fairfield County. Those Newtown residents really know how to put on Halloween. The whole street gets into it; houses are decorated and ordinary citizens are magically transformed into creatures of the night. It is a sight both frightful and delightful all at the same time.


Ghosts and goblins peeped around corners and though upstairs windows.


Plenty of grinning pumpkins (some friendly and some scary) lit up the paths to people’s porches.


There was a spider on the loose and one poor family seems to have become it’s dinner.


Houses, once warm and welcoming, warned of dangers within.


While all the tricking and treating was going on all around, some old lazy bones chose to spend the night just hanging around.


Others preferred to party on well into the night.


When we had visited every single house open to us on the street, we put our masks away and rode homeward into the night to do as we were bid and Rest In Peace.

~ by photobella on 31 October, 2009.

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