photo of the day (attack of the killer ladybugs)


I’m a gardener and I like ladybugs. Ladybugs are very handy little buggers to have around, especially if you grow roses. Ladybugs, you see, are awfully fond of eating aphids. Aphids, if you don’t already know, are awfully fond of eating roses (and many other lovely flowers.) But this is October and even my late fall roses are on their way out. So the little ladybug doesn’t have very much left to do.


I’m not quite sure why it happens, but everytime we have a warm spell in October, the ladybugs come out to swarm. In droves. They cover the siding of my house and crawl over windows and doors. Every time I come in or go out of the house, dozens of them fly in through the open doors. They land on the ceiling a crawl into every corner of the house. If you are outside and are standing still, they will land on you until you are covered in ladybugs.


After a day or two, they are gone. I suspect they have found a warm place to spend the winter. Some of them just fall over and sleep right where they’ve landed. I’ve been told that they are simply hibernating and not dead as they appear. I will continue to find them all over the house until the spring thaw. I’m hoping the tales are true and they will bring good luck. I could use a little of that.

~ by photobella on 21 October, 2009.

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