photo of the day (i has cuteness)


Our friend Beth brought the orphaned baby bunnies she is caring for to coop today. She has been feeding them ever since their momma bunny died and the little bits of cuteness have to be fed about every 4 hours.


I have a confession to make though about the whole “cute” thing. Ever since we got our kitten (the little bundle of cuteness that she is) I have been a little bit overloaded on “cute.” So when someone said to me, “You have to come out and see Beth’s bunnies. They are so cute,” well, seriously, that was enough to turn me off right there and then. But I’m a photographer at heart and “cute” photographs well.


And now, I’m sure you think I’m an orgre and don’t even deserve to be exposed to the kind of cuteness that little, helpless, orphaned baby bunnies bring. Really though, I went out there simply to Take Pictures. And I came back in saying, “OMG, you have to go out and see Beth’s bunnies. They are so cute!”  Yes, they truly are.

~ by photobella on 14 October, 2009.

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