photo of the day (a bit of colorful candy fun!)


Tuesdays mean Wilderness Skills class for Nick and a morning Yogalates class for me. I had hoped that Clare would have a class as well but there wasn’t enough enrollment to run it, so for most of Tuesday it’s the two of us until we pick up Nick at 3. While I’m at Yoga, Clare has been spending time with a new friend, Sage, whose mom works at Great Hollow, the place where we take our wonderful classes and have our homeschool coop. Today, despite the fact that Clare and I both had hair appointments at the Salon, Sage opted to come with us for some company and some fun. After our hair was done and we went to the health food store for a decent lunch, we blew all caution to the wind and went to the candy store. I went for the eye candy. The candy store is full of colorful images just waiting to be captured with my camera. The kids went for the sugar.


Not everything that was purtyful was good to eat.


But most of it was.


Is this not a festive image of colorful bliss?


And while Sage insisted that he would make good choices because he knew what his mother would allow, all I could say was, “Your mother is going to kill me.” Luckily, we are good enough friends and she was gracious enough not to do so. But I’m still not sure if that was only because the neon orange color had already faded by the time we brought Sage back to the barn.

~ by photobella on 13 October, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (a bit of colorful candy fun!)”

  1. Love it! Good art requires throwing caution to the wind…. and I’m a big believer in lots of good art 🙂

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