photo of the day (monday afternoon at the barn)


It is Monday and that means a trip to the barn for the afternoon. The horses are still able to grab some pasture time but I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be able to do that.


We are at the halfway point in Clare’s Monday vaulting class and I’m hoping the weather holds out so she can finish the series. While we can ride during the colder months, vaulting is done barefoot or in socks and with little clothing to hinder movement. So when it gets cold and those tootsies start to freeze, vaulting can be a challenge. But so far, the weather is mild enough so that it isn’t a issue. Yet. Meantime, the girls are learning about horse care.


Today’s lesson was about learning the proper way to lead a horse on a lead rope.


Piper is generally good natured and a willing subject. He’s really such a sweetie and I think he eats up all the attention the girls give him.


The Monday class is smaller and that means more riding time, which seems to be ok with Clare. The girls are working on some pairs routines and that looks like tons of fun.


Clare’s confidence is growing and I’m very happy about that. This riding thing seems to be good for both of us.

~ by photobella on 12 October, 2009.

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