photo of the day (fall fun at the farm)

It was one of the those Saturdays when I really didn’t want to go out of the house but I had Things To Do. I needed to pick up some gourds and Indian corn and some apple cider for my workshop at church on Sunday so Clare and I headed up the road to Warrups Farm to see if they had what I wanted and to grab a breath of fresh air.

I hadn’t really been feeling the fall but at the farm signs of it were everywhere.

There were dried flowers for sale in the shed . . .

and dried berries showing their fall colors on the vine.

The leaves are turning but not dramatically yet.

There are cornstalks dried from the summer’s harvest  . . .

and plenty of apples and cider.

What started out as overcast and rather boring, turned into a perfect, sunny New England fall day. So instead of grabbing what we came for and heading on our way, we lingered and visited for a while.

We walked down to the barn yard and visited with some of the animals.

We chatted with the farmers and ran into some people we knew from church. We watched people picking pumpkins and choosing mums for their garden. I bought some lovely green chard to make for dinner.

While we weren’t quite ready to leave, there were Things To Do at home as well. So we headed home to do them.

And even though we ended up a long way from that rather boring morning of Not Wanting To Do A Lot, we really had only traveled up the road. How lovely is that?

~ by photobella on 10 October, 2009.

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