photo of the day (sorry, you caught me napping!)


It wasn’t just you. It was this whole “end of summer/beginning of fall” thing that caught me by surprise. I feel like I woke up this morning and found one season was over and had been replaced by another. All of a sudden (ok, for the rest of you who may have been paying attention, maybe not so sudden) the leaves are turning and the night time temps are dropping into the 40s. Yesterday I went to tack up Oso and discovered that he had his winter coat. How did that happen? Last week when I was riding, it was 80 degrees and I was dripping sweat. This week’s ride required my gloves for warmth as well as stability with the reins.


I’m using all these lazy, sleepy images to give you a sense of the fog I have found myself in and maybe that will explain why I haven’t posted in so very long. It seems like a plausible excuse to me. That and the fact that after a summer I thought to be So Very Busy, I find myself with a fall schedule that is even more so. Despite surrounding myself with calendars, I haven’t gotten a handle on where we have to be and when. So Monday when I thought we had riding at 3 pm, turns out we missed it because it started at 1 pm. How could I have thought riding was from 3 to 5 when Clare has Theater class at 4:30? We made it to that class by the skin of our teeth. Then Tuesday I was convinced that she had choir at 6 pm (no, that’s Thursday at 5 pm.) A flimsy excuse for not blogging but it seems my creativity and ability to photograph was also affected by my seasonal stupor.


Slowly, I am getting back into the swing of things. Clare and I are still riding and vaulting, our homeschool coop is in full swing and Nick is happily back at his Wilderness Skills class at Great Hollow.


I am starting to take pictures once again (really, I always was — I just hadn’t taken anything worth posting at all) and hopefully my photo mojo is returning along with my brain cells.


I’ve got a lot of things on my to do list (including possibly finding a new home for my blog) but I’ll try to be better about keeping you posted and staying up to date. Ta for now!

~ by photobella on 30 September, 2009.

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