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We are still adjusting to having a new baby in the house and she is still adjusting to being with us. Clare was up most of the night so I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t want to go riding with me today. Other than the fact that Kirsten was miffed at me for allowing Clare to miss lessons and also because we had a mis-communication about my lesson time, I had a great ride. Really great. In fact, I don’t even want to say this out loud and jinx myself but I think I am starting to get this whole trotting thing. It felt great. I was able to organize myself and if I needed a correction here or there, it didn’t throw everything else off with it. Not bad at all if I may say so!


After my lesson, I rode Oso down the driveway, up the street and back around to the barn BY MYSELF! Usually, Adrian walks along with us or Clare and I ride together.  We call it our “trail ride.” But today it  was JUST ME. Cool, huh? Then I put Oso back in his paddock and visited around the barn for a little while.


I love the barn.

999999999976666667,,,,,,,,,,k, (kitty typing)


After the barn (and a late night helping Clare with kitten duty,) a nap was in order. Clare took this picture of the “lion laying down with the lamb”) and it’s yours to guess who the lion is and who is the lamb. I posted this picture for everyone who wondered how on earth my rat terrier would do with a cat in the house. Quite well, I think.


Ever since the whole “kitten” subject has arisen, Nick has insisted that he doesn’t like cats. This afternoon, however, he was our self appointed “kitty sitter” when Clare and I went to her first Youth Choir practice for church.


Cookie settled in with her new “big brother” just fine. So far, so good. I think she’ll stay.

~ by photobella on 17 September, 2009.

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