photo of the day (watching the kittens grow)


Clare has been counting the days until she can bring Cookie Dough home with us for good. Until then, we go to visit the kittens in the barn as often as we can to play with them, hold them and get them used to us humans as we will be family pretty soon. Here they are opening their sleepy little eyes to say hello (more like “what the heck are you doing waking me up? I was having such a nice nap!”


Once they are awake, the fun begins. They are growing so quickly and now are much more adventurous, playful and interactive than they were just last week.


This makes Clare happy. She was worried that all her kitten would do was sleep, eat and meow for her mommy. Now the girls are catching up to the fun and mischievous boys from upstairs (who, by the way, were nowhere to be found on this visit.)


All that fun can tire a kitty out quickly though and Clare let Cookie take a little breather in her lap before putting her back into the fray.


Momma Kitty is still around a lot and the kittens are still nursing although our Cookie showed us how she can eat Momma’s cat food from the can just like the big boys from upstairs.


I’m thinking next week after our vet visit will be the time to bring Cookie home to stay. Am I nuts? I’m not sure I want to hear an answer to that, really. I know I am cause: A. We already have 2 dogs and a bird and B. Both Nick and I are allergic to cats. So, yes, I know I’m certifiable. But maybe, just maybe, Clare will learn a little responsibility. I’m hopin’ anyway. We’ll see. I just hope my pet sitter likes cats.

~ by photobella on 9 September, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (watching the kittens grow)”

  1. Kitten photos almost seem like cheating!

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