photo of the day (labor day weekend celebrations – part one)


Today was the day of the Fix-A-Test  riding clinic that I could have been riding in if I hadn’t chickened out at the last minute. Despite the fact that I wasn’t riding in it, I wanted to be there to cheer on the new friends I am making at the barn and support them in their efforts. It’s also a fabulous learning opportunity and a great photo op as well. So despite the fact that the lazy part of me was whining about how early it was on a Sunday morning, I dressed, grabbed my camera and headed to the barn.


It was a glorious day for riding. Not too hot or too chilly; just the perfect temperature. I had been to a Fix-A-Test event in the Spring and it was cold and rainy and wet and miserable and I came home with my fingers and toes going numb. But today was just the right sort of day.


For those of you who don’t know what a Fix-A-Test is, I’ll try and explain in my noobie terms. Basically, you ride a course based on your level of riding experience. After you ride the course once through, the judge comes out and gives you a 15 minute or so lesson and critique of what you need to work on in order to improve your score. Then you get to ride the course again and you are graded.


I amazed at how much I learned just watching everyone ride and then listening to the judge’s comments. Part of me was kicking myself for not taking the opportunity, especially when Adriana who is no bigger than a minute and all of 6 went cantering into the ring but seriously, my transitions need a lot more work first.


If I say I’ll do it in the Spring, you guys won’t hold me to that, will you?


I was having so much fun watching everyone and really wanted to stay. I love the barn and wish I was 15 and I could get a job working there, shoveling poo and being around the horses all day. So when I have the chance just to hang out, I hate when I have to leave. But we had plans for the afternoon that promised to be just as much fun, so I said my goodbyes and headed home. And what we did for the rest of the day will be another post, Labor Day fun – part two!

~ by photobella on 6 September, 2009.

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