photo of the day (summer’s end)


It isn’t yet Labor Day but Topstone Pond isn’t officially open anymore. As you can see, not only are there no lifeguards on duty but there is noone to be seen. It is just Clare and me and the dogs for the time being and other than my lunatic dog barking at his own echo, it is completely silent. And that’s the way I like it.


Now I can take the doggies to the water and we all can go for a swim. Lili heads directly for the lake, sticks her head in and blows bubbles through her nose. She doesn’t swim, just walks in as far as she can still stand and submerges her head.


Luath runs circles around Lili while she plods along in the sand. She’s an older girl and isn’t as fast as she used to be.  I spend my time partly in the water and partly rounding up the dogs who think it would be a great idea to wander off into the woods.


My daughter buries herself in the sand and has me make her a Mermaid’s Tail. Other people have come to the lake, not many,  but enough to keep me on my toes as I try and make sure my dogs remain polite. We stay until it is too chilly to go in the water anymore and then we head home. Summer is over but life is still good.

~ by photobella on 4 September, 2009.

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