photo of the day (a weekend at summer’s end)


Every year around Labor Day there is a parade of bikers that goes up the road and past our house. The parade is in honor of all uniformed service people on bikes.  It’s the coolest thing. First comes a police escort and then a long stream of bikers up the hill. They wave and we wave back and we watch as they drive past. It’s about 20 minutes to half an hour of that throaty, rumbly noise that only motors can make. Loud enough to shake you inside your chest and rattle the windows as they drive by. On any other day, I’d be muttering under my breath about all the racket. But today I watch them and am glad to be a bystander to their tribute.

My neighbors from across the street come out to watch the bikers pass. Little Jack seems to be wearing no more than his sandals as he watches the bikers stream on up the road.




Finally, the parade is over and it is quiet once again. I’m outside and the air is cool and crisp with a hint of the fall to come. I head out to the garden and survey what is still growing.


Because of the rain and cool weather, I planted very late. So while peas are usually a spring crop, mine are just blooming at summer’s end.


The water lily in the pond that I never expected to live out the winter, is putting out a last blossom.


An odd little bug crawls up the side of the house in search of a spot of warm sun.


Finally it is time to head out to the barn for Clare’s vaulting class. The barn is still in summer mode and there are lots of people, horses and dogs.


Cooper, the youngest pup these days, is quickly catching up in size to the older barn dog, Jake.


He’s learning to hold his own against the “big boys” pretty well.


There’s a new horse I’ve yet to meet. His name is Cooper, too. Just like the chocolate lab pup. I think he is in quarantine so I can’t pet him just yet. But soon I can introduce myself to this lovely horse.


Clare’s class is over and I grab this one last shot of the blankets drying on the fence as well pull out of the driveway. When we get home, Clare and I will be making cupcakes that look like ice cream cones for her birthday. A sweet way to draw a perfect summer weekend to a close.

~ by photobella on 30 August, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (a weekend at summer’s end)”

  1. I love the contrast between the bug and the paint/wood grain!

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