photo of the day (clare’s kitty)


Yesterday we celebrated Clare’s birthday in Montréal and for her birthday she is getting a kitten. I had put our name on the kitten wish list at Holbrook Farm when I found out that not one, but two of their cats were having litters within a couple of weeks of each other. And of course, once she knew she could pick out her kitten, the only thing on Clare’s mind during our trip home from Canada was when she could get out to the barn and see them.


We made great time on our drive back from Montréal and after we had cleared our things out of the car, said hello to the dogs and sorted through all the mail, Clare and I headed to Holbrook for some corn and to see the kittens.

The two momma kitties had seven kittens between them. Tiffany had her 3 boys first and they are happily living and exploring the upstairs of the barn. Zettia (gosh, I think that’s her name!) had her four, all girls downstairs. Since I hate the thought of cat spray, for me a male was out of the question. So we focused our search on the girls downstairs. Clare chose the kitten that had the most white of all of them and who was spotted down her back with splashes of color that make her look like cookie dough ice cream.


The line of spots down her back continues onto her tail. She’s a pretty little thing, for sure.


If she grows up to be half as pretty and sweet as her mom, we’ll have a lovely new member of the family. Right now she is still too young to join us at home but in about 3 weeks time she’ll be Clare’s kitty for her very own.

~ by photobella on 27 August, 2009.

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