photo of the day (we spend clare’s birthday in montréal at the biosphere)

Clare at the Biodome

It’s our last day in Montréal and after a quick breakfast we headed over for a visit to the Biosphere, located on the site of the World’s Fair, Expo 67. The Biosphere was designed by Buckminster Fuller and was the site of the United States pavillion. Now it is used as an ecological museum dedicated to eco-action, showcasing, observing and studying water and the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence River ecosystem. Silly me. I thought we’d see what there was to see in the morning and head on to other to other things by afternoon. Little did I know that there was a list of activities, lectures and movies that would tickle my son’s fancy and cause him to say to me, “And at 3:45 there’s a movie on  . . .” So our plans were set and we dig in for the better part of the day.


The first activity of the day was a tour of the solar house. Designed by Team Montréal, a group of University students from across Canada, the solar house won 8th place for their house design in a competition of 20 countries. The electricity for the house is provided by the solar panels on the roof, the heat and hot water from the geo-thermal panels, and insulation is added by a green garden wall that you can see in this picture. It was a fascinating tour made more so by the intelligent participation of the other attendees.


Besides our schedule of workshops and lectures, the kids took time to visit some of the museums other exhibits. Here they are in an exhibit that focused on the properties of water (and with the help of some interesting foot gear, they are attempting to walk across.)


When there was a break in the schedule of Nick’s planned activities, we walked over to the snack bar for lunch and then explored a bit of the park. We walked down to a spot for a great view of the city from the water. There were things left to do at the Biosphere and so we headed back. Nick was much more into the offerings than Clare and I so we wandered off to look around while Nick and Dad went from workshop to workshop.



We stayed and saw as much as we could fit in before we were too tired to see anything more. So we headed back to the hotel for a rest and then dinner.


Today was not only our last day in Montréal but Clare’s 11th birthday as well. So dinner was at a French restaurant where Clare ordered duck and créme brulée in honor of her special day. Not half bad to celebrate a birthday in Montréal, eh? After dinner we walked around a bit and Clare got a penguin balloon from the balloon lady at the Place Jacques Cartier.


We wandered around and enjoyed the warm summer evening. Not too many of those left and I want to take advantage of those that I can.


Then, like these two ladies, we packed up and went home. Ok, back to the hotel anyway. It’s been a full few days and we have a long trip home in the morning. Montréal is a wonderful city and I can’t wait to come back and see more.

~ by photobella on 26 August, 2009.

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