photo of the day (another sunday at the barn)

We spent most of the weekend cleaning and getting ready for our upcoming trip to Montreal but managed to make time for Clare’s Sunday vaulting class at the barn. The barn was busy, as it seems to be on a summer’s day. Lots of people around and much activity. This is Lizzie, spending some time with her horse, Bowtie. Bowtie is being confined to her stall (ok, Layla Blue’s stall) while she heals from a leg injury. Lizzie had just cautioned Bowtie to be careful of her bare feet when Bowtie reached over to give her toes a quick check.

This is Clare and some of the girls getting Piper ready for the vaulting class. They are tightening the surcingle he wears that the girls use for balance and for some of the vaulting moves.

Before the girls do any of the vaulting moves on the horse, they practice and warm up on a carpet cover barrel they call “Flash.” Here is Clare practicing her “Princess Seat.”

Here are the girls doing what they often do while they are waiting for their turns on the horse: playing in the dirt. Clare did mention to the others that the dirt was filled with horse poo (really, it is) but all just shrugged that off and went back to making mounds and flattening them out with the pipe from one of the jumps.

After a good workout in the warm (ok, hot and sticky) indoor arena, Piper gets a cooling off from Gaby. Doesn’t that look like it feels nice? Life at the barn in the summer is good.

~ by photobella on 23 August, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (another sunday at the barn)”

  1. Wow… That was one of the most interesting posts I’ve read at WP ^^
    I’ve never been to a barn ):

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