photo of the day (some horsey goodness)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures from the barn. I’ve been riding all summer but haven’t had a minute before or a minute after to take any pictures at all. Last week I had to miss my lesson due to dental surgery just a couple of days prior and so it seems like ages since I had my last ride on Oso. Two weeks is too long to go without riding (at least for me!)

Here’s my buddy, Oso, in his cross ties waiting for his bridle to be put on so we can ride. Ok, in all honesty, I’m waiting for the ride. He’s waiting for the ride to be over so he can get some carrots from me and then go off and eat grass. Note the ears: just when do I get my carrots?

Here he is again, post lesson. Hay will have to do for now. It’s been too rainy for the pastures so the horses are in their paddocks for the rest of the day.

It was a great lesson. Really great. The kind that makes me wish I could ride more often. But time and money have a way of getting in the way of that so once (or twice a week if I’m lucky and can make it to vaulting) will have to do for now. Today we worked on a bunch of stuff: hand position when I transition to a trot, changing diagonals when riding a figure 8, and neck flexion (his not mine!) It was fun, fun, fun!

I took my time after putting Oso back in his paddock to visit and take some pictures of the other horses. This is one of the Friesians.

This is the beautiful Leyla Blue.

Here is blue-eyed Fantom. Can you tell she is a favorite of mine?

The barn was busy as a bee hive for a Thursday but I guess that’s what summer at the barn is like. Most Thursdays there’s hardly a soul around but today the place was humming with activity. The farrier and the dentist were there and I wanted to get pictures of them at work but after my lesson when I grabbed my camera, most everyone was taking lunch or gone. Oh, well. Here’s a shot of the dentist doing his thing. It’s unfocused because of how dark it was in the barn and also how much the horse wasn’t liking having a mouthful of dentist.

Hope you like my horsey fix for the week. Maybe we will make it to vaulting on Sunday and I’ll have some more.

~ by photobella on 13 August, 2009.

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