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Today was Nick’s last day of sailing for this summer and my last day at Longshore Park. And what a glorious day it was. The weather has been so strange this summer with all the rain and cool temperatures so the few perfect summer days we get are so lovely and such a treat that I barely know what to do with them. Today, the water was calling me so I rented myself a kayak and headed out for a little exercise and some peace and quiet.

The wind was strong and while I have taken double kayaks out all the time, I hadn’t ever taken a single kayak out so I decided to try my sea legs out on the creek instead of staying on the Sound itself. The tide was high and I knew could travel all the way up to the main road and back around. It didn’t take me too long to get used to the smaller, lighter single kayak but the girl who set me up was right when she said that the single ones are more “tippy.”  The current isn’t very strong on the creek so it’s an easier trip to take, especially on a windy day.

There are always lots of birds to see along the creek’s banks. The Osprey nest platform is by the creek, although I think the babies have fledged and there isn’t much activity anymore. The egrets and herons are most active at low tide. Then, they walk through the creek bed and scour it for fish in the shallower water. At low tide, the creek becomes impassable and while you can kayak through some of it, much of it is just mud. At high tide, the birds take to the trees and watch the water from high up in the branches. I kayaked past one tree on an island  in the middle of the creek and counted at least 14 egrets in it’s branches with a half a dozen more at it’s base. Wouldn’t you figure that I managed to leave the camera with it’s waterproof case at home?

I kayaked around for about 45 minutes before heading back to shore to get ready to pick up Nick. I’d love to say he passed his Advanced Sailing class with flying colors but that would have been too easy. Besides, out of 9 kids in the class, only 2 of them walked out with their certification and I’m pretty sure they had taken the class before. So maybe next summer he’ll try again and I’ll get to spend another couple of weeks by the Sound. Not something I’d complain about to much.

~ by photobella on 7 August, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day”

  1. I am still loving your photos! Love the morning glories on the razorwire and the little dog waiting for someone on the chair…

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