photo of the day

This is the view from my usual afternoon destination at Longshore Park. Nick has made it through his Intermediate Sailing class and while he didn’t pass with flying colors, he did pass and will be able to continue on to Advanced, which starts in about a week. He has three more weeks of sailing and so for the next three weeks, I’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time in this very spot.

Or maybe this one. And while I have been spending an awful lot of time right here looking at this very scene, for the past few days, I’ve spent the bulk of my time in the car. Driving here and driving there and just plain trying to get things done. Why is it that it seems that so much time is spent doing not much of anything constructive while taking so much time trying to get things done? I can’t figure.

Despite the fact that I am spending so much time trying to get things done, I have managed to take a picture or two. And while I’m ruminating over the fact that I take an awful lot of pictures and sell so very few, I still feel awful about being someplace, any place, without a camera in my hand or pressed to my eye and capturing everything and anything in front of me.

Spending so much time trying to get things done may not keep me from taking pictures but it certainly gets in the way of blogging. Hopefully, next week, all will be sorted out and I can get back to the regular routine of jotting down my thoughts and allowing you to read them. Thanks for your patience and see you then!

~ by photobella on 18 July, 2009.

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