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We took Luath to Longshore with us today. He’s had too many days spent home alone and I think he’s just plain bored. In his mind, he should be accompanying us on all our adventures and I pretty sure he can’t come up with a reason that he should be left at home. The downside of bringing him is that I’m not comfortable with the idea of taking him in a kayak, so no boating for me. Luckily there are plenty of other things to do at Longshore, so I don’t really mind. Besides, kayaking every day is an expensive habit so maybe every other day will have to suffice.

No matter what we do, I always find something worthy of photographing. This is a beginner sailing class. Aren’t the little sailboats cute and the little sailors adorable? My son Nick started sailing later than many and found himself in his very first class, a teen surrounded by much shorter, much younger classmates. I have pictures of him right in the middle of things, towering over the rest of the class. He made the best of it, as he always manages to do, and now he’s in his intermediate class where the others more closely match his age and some, even his height. By the end of this summer, he’ll have his boating certificate and be fit to sail.

When I am taking pictures at Longshore, I wish I had a longer, fancier lens than I have now. Nick’s 300mm zoom is broken and needs repair but it isn’t that great a lens. I’d love to get some of those great wildlife shots that I see in National Geographic but for right now, my 18 to 200mm zoom will have to suffice. Maybe tomorrow I’ll grab my tele-extender and see if that gets me a better view. Someday I’ll be able to justify a purchase of a 500mm fixed lens but until then, I’ll make do. Besides, I don’t think I’m doing all that badly with what I’ve got.

~ by photobella on 7 July, 2009.

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