photo of the day

I wish I had some lovely fireworks pictures to share with all of you but I don’t. We didn’t make it to see any of the area fireworks for various reasons that I won’t go into here. We had a couple of quiet days spent doing not very much and evenings at home watching movies. No big deal.

Today was the kind of summer day I wait for all fall, winter and spring. Sunshiney, not too hot or humid, blue skies with just the right amount of white puffy clouds. And today we got to spend the day with friends on Sprite Island, a little piece of heaven off the Norwalk coast.

Sprite has it’s fireworks event on 3 July every year and last year we were lucky enough to be invited to attend. But despite the fact that there were no fireworks today, the island was just as festive and I was just as happy to be there.

We arrived at the island by boat, found a picnic table to set all our stuff on and settled in for a day of fun. The teens took off in one direction and the younger crowd headed for the beach.

All I can say is, “What a day!” We ate, we drank, we explored the island and then we just sat and enjoyed the view, the sun and the salt air.

We had a lovely barbecue for dinner with toasted marshmallows for desert. How lucky we are to have friends who are willing to share their special place with us.

All too soon, it was time to head back to shore and home. After a day like this I could almost forget what a disappointing spring we had. Maybe things are looking up for the summer ahead. Wouldn’t that be nice?

~ by photobella on 5 July, 2009.

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