photo of the day (part deux, we finally get to the lake)

Usually there are at least a few days in June that are hot enough, sometimes even just warm enough to warrant a visit to the lake for a swim. Even though the beach isn’t officially open for the season and the walk from the small parking lot at the entrance to the park is a bit of a hike, we pack up our suits and towels and head for the water. Most of the time there are a few others enjoying what has to be one of our town’s most lovely resource but usually, it’s quiet enough that we can bring the dogs, something we can’t do once the beach season begins.

This year June’s been too rainy and too chilly to even think about lake activities. Today Clare and I were so hot and sweaty after our ride and the pool at the barn looked so inviting, we knew we had to head over to the lake for a swim. We got home, had some lunch and even though it started to get cloudy, we were determined to get in a little lake time and officially mark the beginning of the summer. Can it really be summer if we haven’t been to the lake?

The weather was on the iffy side by the time we arrived but Clare wasn’t letting anything deter her from heading for the water. I was content to set up a chair on the sand and pull out my knitting, a book and my ipod. I like to swim but it needs to be warmer for me to hit the water. Besides, I could see the clouds forming on the other side of the lake and it didn’t look good for our swimming time.

Sure enough, the heavens opened and the rain came. My first reaction was to gather our stuff, get Clare out of the water and head for the car but there was enough cover from the trees to keep me dry for the time being and getting Clare out of the water was not going to be easy (I’m already wet, what’s the fuss?)  No thunder or lightening, no big deal. As long as I was staying dry sitting at the picnic bench under the trees and the life guard wasn’t calling everyone to get out of the water, no biggie. Besides, I would have gotten much wetter making a mad dash to the car.

We weren’t the only ones riding out the rain. There are scheduled swimming lessons at the lake and most of us who have or are participating are used to the weather in June and early July being questionable. But the lessons must go on even though it may be cool, cloudy and even raining. The only thing that stops a lesson is thunder.

Moms learn to be adaptable and sit on the beach, sometimes in the rain, while their kids learn to swim.

The rain passed, the sun peeked out and Clare kept swimming. I sat with my knitting and browsed through my riding book. Clare found a few kids to pass some time with and I knitted and chatted with some of the moms on the shore.

We left early enough to stop at the farm stand before they closed and pick up a few things for dinner and bread for breakfast.

I love the summer!

~ by photobella on 2 July, 2009.

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