photo of the day (the morning after)

I kinda lied a little bit about getting back to the house and going to bed. There were drinks on the patio and some lovely girl talk before the bed part happened. But the bed part did happen eventually and I even managed to sleep until almost 8 am. Quite an accomplishment for someone who normally gets up around 6 ish.

The house was full of guests and those of us who were up gathered around the kitchen table and the really cool coffee maker (one of those in-cabinet jobbies that makes expresso and cappuccino by the cup.)

When our hosts were up, it was out to the patio to enjoy the sunshine (there hasn’t been much of it this summer so you have to grab it while you can) and have breakfast al fresco. There were huge bagels and cream cheese, lox, onions, eggs and bacon. A typical NY/New Jersey morning feast. Yummy, but it’s a good thing I don’t eat like that on a regular basis.

As much as we wanted to lounge around on the patio, enjoying the company and the sunshine, it was time to head back home to Connecticut. There was work to be done and the dogs were waiting.

~ by photobella on 27 June, 2009.

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