photo of the day (it’s party time)

We went to New Jersey to help celebrate Sara’s graduation from high school. Nick and Zki were there to help set up a slide show and there was a bit of business to discuss. Clare and I got to hang out at the house while all the preparations were being made.

Finally, it was party time and we headed over to the office. The sky was gray and cloudy and storms were brewing. Decorations were flying everywhere but while we all still hoped for the best, we battened down the hatches and prepared for the worst. And while there was thunder and lightening, and a heavy downpour of rain, the whole thing was over in a very short time.

We almost lost a tent or two so some people had to ride out the storm while holding down the tents and the equipment. Nobody got too wet and before you know it, it was over, the sky began to clear and guests began to arrive.

Soon the parking lot was filled with Jersey girls ready to party.

It even dried up fast enough to move on to the main entertainment of the evening: rented Sumo suits. Nothing says “graduation party” better than a round or two of Sumo wrestling.

The thing about weighing only 100 lbs or so and being knocked over in a Sumo suit is that getting back up can be difficult. This required the services of a stronger, larger person who’s only task was to restore the wrestlers to their original upright position.

The sunset over the parking lot was lovely after the earlier storm. Everyone gathered under the tent and there was dinner, music and sumo wrestling well into the night.

Clare made a friend (the only one there who was close to her age) and they amused themselves with the fiber optic decorations.

Nick watched the wrestling and tried to look disinterested. I tried not to think about what my life will be like when it is filled with teenagers.

Then finally, all the guest were gone and it was time to fold up the chairs. put away the Sumo suits, go back to the house and go to bed.

Those people in Jersey sure know how to throw a party.

~ by photobella on 26 June, 2009.

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