photo of the day

Much to the chagrin of my dog, Luath, it has been a long time since we’ve been to Putnam Park for a walk. So long that a whole new set of signs were installed without us even knowing.

Our usual walk around the park was like a visit for the very first time. Each sign had a new explanation about the significance of the historical sites, some of which changed what I knew about them completely. In one case, a site that I had always known to be a burial spot was really the site of an officer’s quarters. In another case, a site that had been marked as officer’s quarters turned out to have been a magazine. We walked, read the new signs and marveled at what kind of information can be gleaned from a little digging and some forensics.

The park is very lush and green. There hasn’t been much warm weather, let alone sun and these blueberries have yet to ripen. Every gardener I know is complaining that nothing is growing because of the cooler, wetter weather sans sunshine.

I wanted to make it around the park more than once but, surprise, it started to rain just as we finished our first loop. I took this picture of my rose bush as we headed into the house and out of the wet weather.

~ by photobella on 24 June, 2009.

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