photo of the day (happy birthday, molls!)

It’s Molly’s birthday and we were invited out to dinner with Molly and her family and some other friends. We had a cute little tatami room at a Japanese restaurant in Fairfield. This is my dinner. I had chirashi — raw fish, yum!

The Japanese are experts in the art of food presentation. This is a leaf of wasabi for my sushi. Isn’t it pretty?

The biggest hit of the night (and not just with the kids) was the Japanese soda, Ramune. The Ramune bottle is sealed with a marble that is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation. The bottle is opened by inserting a little device into the cap that breaks the seal and pushes the marble down into a little cup built into the bottle. The marble then rattles around inside the bottle while you drink. It appears that removing the marble from the bottle is the goal of many Ramune drinkers. Can it be done? Doesn’t appear so to me. Hats off to the Japanese who turned something as simple and mundane as a sugary, carbonated beverage into not only a design element but a zen koan.

Happy Birthday, Molls! Thanks for inviting us to share in your celebration!

~ by photobella on 23 June, 2009.

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