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Today was Father’s Day but the kids and I found ourselves absent of fathers to celebrate with. Their dad is in Ireland until Tuesday and my dad is in New Jersey (not so far away but not a day trip for me, especially on a summer weekend.)

With all the rain we have been getting lately, I have some serious cabin fever going for me. Combined with the fact that we had been going a billion miles an hour up until Clare’s school ended, then come to almost a dead stop, I really needed to get out of the house.

Clare had a sleepover arranged with a friend and I thought it would be fun if we met and made the handover at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, CT. We hadn’t been to the museum for a while and I wanted to see the three new exhibits that were opening today.

I’ve mentioned the Aldrich before on this blog (in fact, my very first post ever has pictures from the museum.) It is a treasure and I’m  greatful to have such a wonderful resource right in my own backyard. I don’t always like what I see but what I see always makes me think. I take the kids as often as possible. I’ve tried to expose them to art in many different forms so that they appreciate and understand the expression of what they are looking at even if they may not like what they see.

I wasn’t completely surprised at Clare’s friend’s reactions to being at the museum. She didn’t seem interested at all in the exhibits and was more interested in hooking up with Clare and getting home to her computer. The two girls went off on their own and Nick and I wandered around and looked at the art. Some of it I liked; some of it I thought needed too much explanation. My favorite exhibit was by an artist, Tom Sachs. It focused on cameras, not as objects used to create art, but as art in their own right. There were some very interesting and amusing pieces in this collection. Nick’s favorite was a disposable camera made into a stun gun. Cool. You can see more of Tom’s cameras here.

After Clare headed home with her friend, Nick and I headed over to Borders so he could pick up a book he wanted to read. Ok, I was looking for an excuse not to go back to the house and see him head straight to his computer and his “shoot ’em up games.” I figured the bookstore was as good an option as any.

I stretched my time out as long as I could (how about a drink at the café and we can look over our books before we leave?) but finally, we headed home. I settled in on the couch, poured myself a glass of wine, put up some water for Nick’s mac and cheese and started a movie that I knew no one else would want to watch with me. That’s when Stef called to tell me she had run in to my daughter at the carnival at the Danbury Fair Mall. Did Nick and I want to join her and Molly and go on some rides? I hesitated and she had me pegged. “You are on the couch with a glass of wine,” she said. Yes. I am. Lucky for me, the position, while comfortable, was  not permanent. I changed my clothes, apologized to the dogs for ditching them without dinner, and headed for the mall.

I have a love/hate relationship with carnivals. I love the lights, the games, the activity. I hate the wild rides that make you want to puke and the ridiculous prices of everything. But I can’t think of a more fun thing to do on a summer night than go to the carny, spend too much money, eat crap and come home with junk you don’t need or have room for. Speaking of junk you don’t have room for, here’s Molls with a Pooh Bear as big as she is. Well, almost. Molly beat the beer bottle game and Pooh was her prize. You go, Molls!

We had such a fun time at the carny. Nick won a stuffed dog, a poster of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and a stuffed bear for me.

We found Clare with her friend and her friend’s mom and the group of us wandered around, played games and went on rides.

OK, they did. I didn’t. I wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel but that never happened. Everyone else went on the bumper cars while I hung on to all the stuff. Stef took a picture of me with all the stuff but I had my camera on manual so it didn’t come out. Oh well.

Of course, I didn’t mind not going on any rides because I did what I wanted to do all along: take pictures. Stef doesn’t get it, really and I don’t expect that she would. At this point taking pictures is such a part of who I am that being without a camera is like finding myself on the subway nekked. Alright, maybe not quite that bad, but close.

I think I did pretty well considering my very favorite lens is still in the shop (what’s up with that?) and all I had to shoot with was my 55mm macro. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great lens but not very flexible. I had to make do and I’m pleased with the results.

All that fun and we still got home in time for me to resume my position on the couch and finish my movie and my glass of wine.

~ by photobella on 21 June, 2009.

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