photo of the day (it’s starting to feel like summer)

The kids and I went to the movies to see Up in 3D. Sweet movie and very cool 3D effects. Made me sorry I didn’t make more of an effort to see Coraline when it was in theaters.

Afterwards, feeling the effects of having been cooped up with all the rain of the previous week and needing to be outside for a bit, we headed over to Longshore Park to check out the scene and breathe in the scent of the brackish water of LI Sound.

Sadly, my zoom lens is still with the good folks at Nikon, awaiting a part and Nick’s 70 to 300 mm is also in need of repair. So no decent wildlife shots yet. But hopefully soon. Nick starts sailing in a couple of weeks and I’d better have a long lens by then.

In the meantime, my macro will have to suffice. Clare posed these 2 deceased crabbies for a post mortem portrait. Ahh, the shore is filled with treasures!

If it had been warmer I would have insisted on a kayak trip around the inlet. But it was very low tide and we wouldn’t have gotten far.

We walked around a bit and I considered throwing on my Muck boots which are always in the back of the car next to my riding boots and helmet, but the kids were antsy. They indulged me in time to take a few pictures but then it was time to go.

I’ll have more time at the shore soon enough.

~ by photobella on 19 June, 2009.

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