photo of the day (back to the barn)

Is it me or is everything more fun when it’s warm out? Going to the barn is fun all the time, but so much more so when the weather is nice. The horses are happy, the riders are happy. Really, everyone is happy.

It’s been a very rainy, chilly spring though and because the pasture would be a mud field if the horses were let out to graze, they are in their paddocks. So, today they got to run around in the outdoor arena to get their ya-ya’s out a bit. There is very little that is more fun to watch than a Friesian horse, running about and getting his ya-ya’s out. It’s a joyous thing to watch.

Almost as much fun as watching the Friesian Frolic was watching 6 girls doing 75 sit-ups before vaulting and knowing that no one was going to ask me to get down on that dirty horse blanket and join them (although I would have if I was invited.) Too bad, no room for me!

So I went off to visit da boyz, Texas and Oso and give them a little pat and a treat if they weren’t too grouchy. They weren’t. Don’t they look handsome in their summer coats?

All in all, it was a good day to be at the barn.

~ by photobella on 14 June, 2009.

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