photo of the day (catching up)

Just what have I been doing these days if not taking pictures and posting to my blog? Well, honestly, sometimes just taking pictures and not posting to my blog. And sometimes, not even taking pictures.

Having a blog is a little like having a pet. A blog has a life of it’s own and it needs to be nurtured, cared for and written in to remain alive. So when I don’t write or post in my blog, it’s a little like that tank full of pesky frogs we have upstairs in the playroom. I took them in so I could keep them alive over the winter. They don’t need as much attention as my dogs or even my bird but they do need feeding every few days or so and a little clean water now and then. Sometimes those pesky frogs get sorely neglected and even go hungry for a day or two. Kind of like a blog without a post (am I stretching my analogy here?)

I’m not planning on letting either my blog or the frogs die anytime soon. So today, I post AND go to the pet store for a cricket lunch.

It’s been the usual fare around here — Wilderness class, riding, coop classes. While I have managed to plant one bed of my vegetable garden, the other 3 boxes are still waiting for compost and plants. However, there has rarely been time to get out there and plant or weed and the entire yard is growing madly and wildly around me and begging for care. But the garden will have to wait.

I haven’t been taking pictures at riding much these days because Clare and I have our lessons at the same time and we are on our horses for most of the hour. I’m trotting with Oso off the longe line and working on getting him to halt for me consistently. He can be a pretty headstrong guy as many lesson horses seem to be. I’m thinking that getting the best of a novice rider keeps them from being bored.

Even on the days I go to the barn to help with chores, I tend to muck and run. But horsey pics are coming, I promise. Tomorrow is a riding clinic at the barn and I plan on going. And taking pictures. So, be patient.

Coop classes are soon coming to a close. On Wednesday I had a great lesson planned for my photography class and was hoping they’d spend much of the class outside shooting. However, there was a puppy visiting for the morning and so all eyes (and hands) were on puppy and there went all my time.

Can you blame anyone for wanting to snuggle with a face like that?

Not to close this post on a sour note  . . .

Bad pun, I know. But how else to include this silly picture I took the other morning while deciding what to eat for breakfast? Am I the only one who sees the quarter note on the banana on the right?

Now, I think, would be a good time to move on!

~ by photobella on 16 May, 2009.

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