photo of the day

I dropped Nick off at our church for an overnite with some of the Tri-State area’s Jr. High School youth groups. As a homeschooler, we don’t have the usual gaggle of teens that come with regular school attendance so we have to reach out in other directions for friends and contacts. Our church youth group has proved invaluable in that regard as has our homeschool coop. Nick is making friends and I can see his confidence level rising. I was a bit concerned that he wasn’t that into this particular event, but he said his goodbyes and dashed off so quickly to find his own group that all I could see was his dust as I headed for the car to drive home.

The rest of my day was spent at our gallery. Zki was headed off to the airport to pick up Max and I manned the store for the annual Bethel Blooms event that is always perfectly timed to take advantage of the cherry blossoms that appear and line the streets of Bethel. People meandered in and out, many of them looking for my hubby who is usually in the store on Saturdays, commented on the photography and left, some of them blanching at the $3K price tag of the largest photo in the window.

It was a pleasant enough day, all told. No one bought anything but at least they looked. I don’t think I’m cut out for retail. Oh well.

~ by photobella on 18 April, 2009.

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