photo of the day (a moment of zen in the bathroom)


I spent today indoors, cleaning the house. I wish I was finished but there is still more to do and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get it done.

I would have rather been out working in the garden on such a glorious day but that was not to be. We are having a guest for the weekend and the house was trashed. That’s what happens when we are all so busy, running in all directions at the same time. If something gets put down somewhere where it’s not supposed to be, chances are that’s where it will stay. Until there is so much stuff accumulated where it is not supposed to be that there is no room for the stuff that is supposed to be there.

So I spent most of the day trying to put stuff back where it’s supposed to be so there’s room again. And while we always live with a certain level of clutter, it’s an acceptable level and I can deal with that. At least for now.

I did have to inform my husband that there was a limit to the amount of hotel soaps and shampoos that one can store in a bathroom cabinet before that cabinet runneth over. (Did I mention that he travels for work and brings home hotel soap and shampoo from every trip?) His bathroom cabinet has officially reached the legal hotel soap and shampoo limit.

The above image is one I call “Bathroom Zen.” You know that moment when all the toothpaste goo and hair and dust has been cleaned from the sink and the counters and everything is sparkly and clean? Well, that was my moment, fleeting as it will be. I know someone will come along and think my tableau will look much better with a bottle of mouthwash and a brush, maybe even a bath toy of some kind. But for now, I can just enjoy the simplicity.

~ by photobella on 17 April, 2009.

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