photo of the day (riding lesson makeup day)


My riding schedule has been all wonky these couple of weeks since we had to reschedule last Tuesday. My regular riding instructor is on vacation til next week and Kirsten, the barn owner has been filling in for her. So in order to accomodate everyone’s needs and schedules, I’ve been riding on different days and at different times, which is ok by me as long as I get to ride.

Today was my second time riding Oso and Clare’s first hour long lesson. This means that the two of us ride together with Clare riding Texas and me on Oso. This is a good thing for a lot of reasons. One is that Clare and Mr. Tex get to know one another better without us having to share him. Before when we were splitting an hour, Clare would ride first and then take off when it was my turn. Texas is usually a bit more on the grumpy side at the beginning of a lesson and then much more happy and relaxed after our workout. So I would always get him when he was in a better mood. Then I would take his tack off and brush him out a bit and treat him and he would be just lovely to be around. Now Clare gets to experience Mr. Grumpy being a lot less grumpy. She likes that.


I had a fabulous ride on Oso. It’s only my second lesson so I’m getting used to his pace which is so much faster than Texas’ trot (he’s an old guy, what do I expect?) and I’m on the longe line again. Fine by me cause I need to find my balance. The thing that amazes me about Oso is that he knows when I’m disorganized or losing my balance and he either slows down or stops if he senses that I’m off. I’m learning to reorganize, regain my balance and collect myself before he stops completely. Today I worked on picking up the correct diagonal if I’m on the wrong one.


After our lesson (Clare is doing very well with her lessons, too!) Clare went to join Kirsten’s daughter Yeti and a friend who were having a playdate. This is Holden patiently helping Clare down from her perch in the hayloft. I hung around for a while and took a picture or two and then resigned myself to the fact that I would be spending the rest of the afternoon trying to convince Clare that it was time to leave. Instead, I left her at the barn to play with the girls and went home to make us some lunch before I had to turn around and pick her up again.


As I expected, when I returned to pick Clare up, she wasn’t quite ready to leave. It was finally a glorious day and it was hard to get myself to want to leave either, so I snapped a few more pictures while she got herself ready to come home.



When the chores are done and the lessons are taught, even barn owners get to ride. This is Kirsten on Jannus, one of her Friesians. Isn’t he magnificent?

Finally, it was time to go home and clean up some of the mess and make dinner. I have a feeling the Winter may be over and we will have more days like this to come. I’m breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to summer.

~ by photobella on 16 April, 2009.

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  1. I like the sepia effect on the saddle composition.

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