photo of the day (or if it’s so cold, can it really be easter?)


It is Easter Sunday and while there is evidence of new life and ressurrection all around, it is still much colder than I think it should be this time of year. So spring is a mixed blessing in these parts with lovely sunshine, blue skies, buds and blossoms and chilly days that make outside activities a bit uncomfortable, at least for me.

If I keep moving, I’m ok and apparently so were all the children who readily participated in the church’s egg hunt. They were not only happy to be outside hunting for plastic eggs filled with jellybeans and other treats but also willing to re-create the experience again after church at someone’s house with empty eggs just for the sport of it. As for me, I took a couple of pictures and then went into the house and basked in the warmth of the gas fireplace, toasting my backside and watching the lovely day from the more temperate side of the window.

~ by photobella on 12 April, 2009.

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