photo of the day

Ok, I’m cheating here. I took this picture yesterday at the farm house. While my outdoor garden does fairly well, I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants. I tried growing violets but failed miserably. They bloomed once after I bought them but after that, no amount of feeding, not feeding, watering or cajoling could get them to bloom again. Finally, after potting and re-potting them for more than 3 years of no blooms, I gave up.

Now I have one sturdy house plant that doesn’t flower. I’ve had it for going on 6 years now and how it survives is beyond me. But it does.

I was taken by the lovely, lacy blooms of this begonia. I’ve never seen one like it. The begonias I’m used to are much more sturdy looking plants. I’ll plant begonias this summer and they will thrive outside on my patio and in the garden. If I were to bring them inside, they would probably lose all their flowers and I will be left with leaves. So my outdoor garden will have to do. If only it would warm up enough so I could start planting.

~ by photobella on 7 April, 2009.

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