photo of the day

This is Nick in the room he will be staying in for the next 5 days, 4 nights. He’s on a farm trip with a group of homeschoolers and while I know he will have a blast, I will miss him.

It’s going to be really strange not having him around but it will give Clare some time being the “only” which I think she may need right now.

Nick has been to this farm before but it was 5 years ago when he went with his teacher and then 3rd grade class. On that trip, he ran joyfully through a field and face first into an electric fence. His teacher called me the day before they came home to say “it looked worse than it was.” Gee, thanks.

I’m hoping 5 years of growing have given him a little more sense.

After we arrived, Nick ran off with the one person he already knows in the group to check out his sleeping quarters and unpack his things. I wandered around the farmhouse and took a picture here and there and watched as people arrived, checked their kids in and went over each child’s special needs. Some of the more seasoned parents kissed and hugged their babies and left right away. I needed a more structured sign that it was time for me to leave, so I stayed for the orientation meeting and the designated moment for parental goodbyes. Nick gave me a typical adolescent hug before he joined the others as they got ready for lunch.

Even then I didn’t want to leave right away. I followed a couple of other moms and their younger children behind the barn and checked out the cows and the piggies before I finally made my way back to the car to drive home. I only had enough time to drive back to the house and check on the dogs before I had to go and pick up Clare from school.

I will miss my boy but I know the time he gets to be on his own is important for him. He’s going to be sprinting towards adulthood from now on and I can’t stop him.

~ by photobella on 6 April, 2009.

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