photo of the day (spring is here? where?)


If you can’t tell what the speckly white stuff is in the above image, let me clear things up for you. It’s snow. I have to admit to a bit of grumbling at the sight of snow on the first day of Spring but then I decided to just get over it and go outside.

We had a friend and employee staying with us for a few days and this morning was the only opportunity we had to show him around where we live. I get a new appreciation of what I have when I get to see it through someone else’s eyes.


I suppose it could be considered odd to start off a tour with a walk to the cemetery, but it’s such a quirky part of the landscape we live in that I never think twice about inviting guests to take a look around at all the history buried in that quiet spot.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the art of recording history through headstones. I remember reading about how modern methods of internment like scattering ashes and forgoing a plot has changed the way we learn about people and the way they lived. A headstone is physical evidence of a person’s existence in the world. You can tell a lot about how that person lived by their headstone. The amount of text and designwork reflects economic status. So does the type of stone used.

Headstones were expensive and not massed produced. That made the mistake in the one on Samuel Barlow’s grave so interesting to me. Did the person engraving the stone misspell “country?” If he did, there was no turning back, no tossing the offending stone to the side and starting over again. Just cross it out and keep on engraving.


After the cemetary tour we headed over to New Pond Farm, a working dairy farm and non-profit environmental education center. While it is one of our most favorite places to visit, we hadn’t been there is a very long time. Since it was the first day of Spring, I thought it would be a good idea to visit and see some of the new calves.


There were quite a few lovely ones to meet. This one was still sporting her umbilical cord.


This one barely raised her head while we were there. I think we came at naptime.


We were running out of time but we managed to squeeze in a rather fast walk through Putnam Park. How give anyone a tour of town and not include Putnam Park?

Finally, it was time to get Patrick to the Gallery so he could meet up with his ride to the airport. I’m hoping he gets to come back again so I can show him the parts of town that we didn’t have time to fit into our whirlwind tour.


The rest of the day was filled with shopping and errands and our usual Friday night pasta and attempt to find a movie that all of us would watch. We didn’t find one and everyone ended up scattered to their own parts of the house. Oh well.

At least it’s Spring.

~ by photobella on 20 March, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (spring is here? where?)”

  1. So sorry it snowed. It is raining here today. I think we are done with snow for the year.

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