photo of the day


Is there anything as sweet as puppy kisses? The piano teacher who teaches at our homeschool coop brings her poodle pup, Emily Rose, with her on Wednesdays. After the lessons, Emily is available for lots of juicy kisses for the piano player. Ahh, the smell of puppy breath in the morning!

Today was our last day of the winter session and now we have a week off before spring session starts up. It was a lovely day all around. The weather was wonderfully mild and everyone was in a good mood. Nick and I are truly blessed to have been invited into such a warm and caring group.

Usually after a day at coop, I’m too tired to do much else. Today we had an overnight guest to prepare for and so the kids and I made a brief stop at the grocery store before coming home and spending most of the rest of the afternoon cleaning and straightening the house. We even got inspired enough to run the buffer over the great room floor. Then there was time for dinner and a game or two of Bananagrams before we all headed to bed.

I opened a window for a brief moment before I went to sleep and listened to the chorus of peepers in the yard. Spring is truly just around the corner.

~ by photobella on 18 March, 2009.

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