photo of the day (monday in the park with dog)


“Hurry up, Mom!” Walk, sniff, pee. Walk, sniff, pee. He runs on ahead and then stops to wait for me to catch up.

“I’m coming!” Walk, stop, shoot. Walk, stop, shoot. The dog stops to pee on another rock and I walk past him. Now it’s his turn to catch up and he runs so fast he passes me and the game starts again. This goes on for most of the near 2 mile walk.

Most days I walk two times around the park. The first loop is a little slow. There are smells to be smelled and scenes to be seen. By the next time around, most of the sniffs have been sniffed, most of the photos have been taken and we can focus on walking for walking’s sake.


Luath is so happy to be at the park that he sings a howly dog song as soon as we pull into the parking lot. I know he’s disappointed on the days when we pass it by. Now that the weather’s turning warmer, we will stop there more often. I am certain there are plenty of sniffs and pictures yet to be discovered.

~ by photobella on 16 March, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day (monday in the park with dog)”

  1. I need to go for a walk today. Thanks for the reminder:)

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