photo of the day


I went outside today to finally put away the Christmas decorations and look what I found tucked away in a corner of the yard. A sign of things to come. Now, I’m not going to let my guard down or anything and proclaim Old Man Winter to be dead just yet. Seriously, this is New England and April can be a pretty chilly month. But isn’t that a sight for sore eyes in the midst of this brown and barren landscape? That combined with the mild temperature was enough to get my heart singing just a little bit.

The dog and I went for a walk in the park and afterwards, it was hard to even want to go back inside. So we puttered around in the yard and then went for another little walk.


We walked to the cemetary that sits behind our property. It’s an historic cemetary with some very old headstones. The kids and I like to wander through it every now and then and pay the spirits a visit. Today I spent a little extra time investigating the angels and other faces carved into the old stones. I liked how the lichen growing on this one made the angel look like she was wearing makeup.


Tomorrow promises to be even warmer and I am feeling mildly optimistic.

~ by photobella on 14 March, 2009.

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