photo of the day


I am suffering from a lack of inspiration and I need a change of scene. Paris would be good. Yes, Paris would do just fine.

I’m tired of winter. Of bare trees. Of cold weather. Of hats and coats and gloves. I’m tired of having to get in the car to go anywhere. I want to walk somewhere and do something. Like I did when I was in Paris.


I’m hoping this little dose of Parisian scenery will help. So maybe I will want to pick up my camera and take a picture of something. You’ll know it’s really bad if tomorrow I’m posting pictures from our trip to California.

I’m not losing all hope. The weather promises to be warm and sunny so I may want to go outside. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see things in a better light.

~ by photobella on 13 March, 2009.

3 Responses to “photo of the day”

  1. I feel your pain …. I really do! Dream on about warm luscious places, I’ll tell you when It’s over!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. This winter has been so long and dreary!!

  3. She looks like someone in a Mardi Gras parade:)

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