photo of the day (why i may not be heading back to Starbucks anytime soon)


This is an illegal image taken at the Starbuck's in Ridgefield, CT.

I admit it. My visits to Starbucks have been frequent. whether they be tea or coffee, I’m a latte addict through and through. Starbucks is one of the few places I know where I can get soy lattes.  Since I’m not a big fan of dairy, when I get the urge for a mid-morning or late afternoon lift, Starbucks is my destination of choice. But now they have me miffed.

Clare and I were out and about and running an errand or two on Sunday in order to keep it from being one of those weekends when we never left the house. I needed to get some crickets for the froggies before the snow storm and there was a book or two I wanted to look for at the local bookstore. When our chores were done and with crickets and books in hand, we decided to treat ourselves with a hot drink before we headed home. We ordered our drinks and while we waited for them to be served, I started to take a picture or two to fulfill my daily photo requirement.

That is when I was informed that You Can’t Take Photos In Starbucks.

Oh, dear. Makes me wonder what kind of logic is behind that kind of a rule. Are they afraid I’m going to take pictures of their logo, copy it and change it slightly, then open my own socially conscious chain of overpriced hot drinks? Or maybe take pictures of the barristas and post them on the internet with disparaging yet humorous captions? Or, horrors, take a picture of my latte and PhotoShop a nasty bug or some mouse poo into it, feign horror at the thought and threaten to sue?

Well, I showed them. The proof is my contraband photo of . . . just what is that, anyway? Oh, yes, I’d recognize that stack of proprietary Starbucks cup sleeves anywhere.

Do me a favor. Don’t call the latte police. Starbuck’s no longer has me to worry about. I’ll take my camera and get my lattes elsewhere.

~ by photobella on 1 March, 2009.

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