photo of the day


Several of the ladies at our coop raise their own chickens. Yesterday, one of them, with the most prolific hens, brought her eggs to share and sell to the rest of us chickenless families.

There is something about getting a dozen eggs from chickens that belong to a friend that is light years away from the experience of buying a dozen eggs at the grocery store. Do the white and lifeless eggs from the grocery store carton inspire you to take pictures? I think not.

I’ve often thought it would be fun to raise my own chickens. When I told hubby I was thinking about it, he reminded me I am not a homebody at heart and I don’t need yet another responsibility that would force me to spend more time at home.

“What about the wild animals?” he asked.

“I know they are there,” I told him “but I’ve never seen them close to the house.”

“That is because you never offered them dinner before.” was his response. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

If I change my mind, when I’m in Paris, can you come over and feed my chickens?

~ by photobella on 26 February, 2009.

2 Responses to “photo of the day”

  1. I have a good friend who has her own hens. The eggs are amazing. You are very lucky to have scored that many. I am very jealous and those eggs are gorgeous. Also, if I had the land, I would definitely have chickens. And yes, I will be happy to feed your chickens for you, as long as I can have all the eggs while you’re gone. 😉

    • An entire dozen! Yes, lucky me!

      I’ll let you know if my “chicken fantasy” becomes reality. 🙂

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