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I am discovering that there is nothing that cuts through my stress like a chance to go riding.

My stress levels on Monday nights and Tuesdays are usually pretty high. I haven’t managed to get my photo class for coop ready, school has started again for the week and there is a list of things I haven’t even started. So I race around trying to get too much done amidst all the disruptions and I think to myself, “Just call and cancel and use this time to finish up everything that needs finishing.”

But then I remember. And despite all the things I think I have to get done, I go anyway. I’m always glad I did.


Mr. Grumpy Texas has been a really good boy these past few lessons and that makes things immensely easier. We are moving ahead in our lessons together.  He’s trotting for me without stopping every few feet and I’m able to get a rhythym going with my posting and work on my steering. I’m hoping that I will have a little extra time now that the weather is improving and it is staying light longer so that I can go over and bring him a treat and maybe even brush him down a little. He seems to like it when I do that.

The pictures above are of Silver Sprite, an Arabian. Isn’t she gorgeous? I love how she holds her head and her tail. So very elegant. She was getting her workout while Clare was riding Texas and she looked so lovely as she moved that I couldn’t resist taking her picture.



While Clare and I were having our lessons, Puppy Flash came in for a visit. Jake, the farm dog, was giving the pup a hard time and forced Jake to take refuge in the indoor ring. Isn’t he a cutie pie? He’s twice as big as when I first saw him and that wasn’t all that long ago. Just take a look at the size of those paws. He’s still got a lot of growing to do.

When our lessons were over, I headed home happy and way more relaxed than I had arrived. Even a little bit ready to face the parent meeting I had to look forward to that evening. There’s something about riding that makes it seem like all’s right with the wolrld.

~ by photobella on 24 February, 2009.

One Response to “photo of the day”

  1. Isn’t that great how riding can do that? Best therapy around.

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