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I wasn’t fast enough this morning when I looked out the back windows and saw a couple of hawks hanging out on a branch in the backyard overlooking the bird feeder. By the time I got my act together, one had flown away and I was only able to catch the one who stayed behind. If I’m correct, by the size of the one who flew away, the one who remained was the female of the pair.

There are two very similar species of hawks that live in my area. One is a Red Tailed Hawk and the other is a Red Shouldered Hawk. I’m not the greatest at identifying which is which but if I had to make a guess, it would be Red Tail, mostly because I listened to the sound file on my fave bird identification website, and that’s what I hear most of the time.

I have to say I was surprised at the amount of time the hawk spent watching the birdfeeder. I kept waiting for her to swoop down and snatch a poor, unsuspecting goldfinch but she just sat there and watched. I didn’t see her leave but I found no feather evidence of a kill, so she must have just flown away emptyhanded.


We spent the day at home with my BFF’s girls, who are here for the weekend while she and her hubby go to a wedding in Boston. While I was kind of antsy and could have found something “fun” for us to do, the kids were just fine with hanging out, playing Guitar Hero, watching a little TV, playing on the computer and yes, even going outside.

At one point, we all got together and started a game of Monopoly. It was fun, but ill fated from the beginning. I have to admit that Monopoly is not my favorite of games. It is not a cooperative game and in my opinion, fosters too much mean spirited competition. The fact that a game can go on forever is another drawback.

The two younger children of the group of four didn’t have the attention span to get through the entire game. They decided to quit playing and while my son would have been happy to keep on going because his sister had sold him her Park Place to add to his already acquired Boardwalk, I didn’t think that arrangement was entirely fair. Then we all admitted to being bored and that was the end of that. The older pair of kids went in one direction and the younger in another and I was left to myself for a few moments of peaceful quiet.


What better excuse to make more cupcakes than a houseful of hungry young’uns? Like I really need an excuse these days. The two younger young’uns came down and helped me bake and decorate before heading back upstairs to play. The day ended with all of us gathered for dinner and a movie and some of the young’uns staying up way too late. It was a heavenly day filled with friends, fun, and food.

~ by photobella on 21 February, 2009.

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