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Did I mention in yesterday’s post that my kids were with friends and hubby was on his way to a meeting in Pennsylvania? Did I say anything about having a day to myself? Time alone? Peace and quiet? Was there a word about being so beside myself with joy that I couldn’t figure out what to do first?

I have to admit to some aimless wandering around the house and some time sitting on the couch surfing the net and working on my blog before I remembered that it was trash day, that despite the fact that I wanted to revel in my aloneness, I had bills to pay, responsibilities and  . . . wait. Could it be Tuesday? And what is Tuesday? It’s RIDING DAY! YIPPEE!

Since Clare is on vacation from school, I arranged with my riding instructor to meet earlier in the day and so after a quick lunch (after all the joy at having the day to myself, it turns out that there still isn’t all that much time in a day) I headed over to Gray Friesian Farm for my lesson.

Texas was being his ornery old self when I arrived. Adrianne was trying to get him to come to her but he was keeping his distance. I asked her if he was being snarky and she said, “No, just evasive.” Now wouldn’t you know that when he saw me, he walked right up to her and let her put on a halter and lead him out of his pen. I know, I know. I bring him treats and he knows it. But still. It felt pretty good.

I did well at my lesson. I know I’ll regret saying this but I am starting to get it. And I love that I’m starting to get it. I don’t even mind that all I’m doing is taking baby steps. But I. Am. Learning. To. Ride. And that’s amazing.

After my lesson I wandered around, took some pictures and talked to the horses. A woman was mucking out the pen where Texas and his buddy, Oso are kept and soon she and I struck up a conversation. We talked about the horses and riding and she said she was glad to see ol’ Tex getting some attention because he doesn’t seem to get all that much. She told me she rides Oso and  the stable owner has been trying to encourage her to move up to a different horse but Oso is just fine with her. She made a comment about being old and I asked her how long she’d been riding and if she didn’t mind my asking, how old was she? She said she’d been riding for 4 years and that she was 63. Wow. I thought I was nuts starting to ride at 51. Now I know I am, but at least I’m not the only one.

~ by photobella on 17 February, 2009.

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  1. Good for you! Keep it up;)

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