photo of the day


I spent most of today in the closet.  Really. My closet was such a mess that it was impossible to see the floor. So despite the fact that it was a glorious day, I dug in and proceeding to dig out.

And when I couldn’t take it anymore, I loaded Clare and Looby into the car and to the park we went.

As usual, Looby was the happiest of all of us to be there. Clare kept throwing snowballs for him to catch and he kept leaping into the air to catch them. I would have stayed longer and walked around the path more than once but Clare was complaining and my feet were wet from the melting snow and ice.

What more could you want for a Sunday afternoon? A clean closet and a walk in the park. It was a good day.

~ by photobella on 8 February, 2009.

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