photo of the day (in memory of Josh Berry, N.D.)


Walking along by the starlight
Walking along by the light of the moon

I see my way and I’m alright
I see my way back home to you

The starlight guides me on my way
Starlight tells me I’m okay

Walking along by the starlight
Walking along by the light of the moon

If you want to tell me there’s something you want to say
If you want to tell me my baby’s gone away

I’ll be walking along by the starlight
Walking along by the light of the moon

— words/music by Josh Berry

It really sucks to have to write this but today I attended a memorial service for Dr. Josh Berry, father, husband, healer, friend and maker of music. I, like many others who knew Josh, but not all that well, didn’t have any idea that he was even ill. His death to cancer at the age of 37 came as a great shock.

I hadn’t seen Josh or Janice in a long time. They were no longer sending the boys to the Waldorf school where we met and so our paths didn’t cross. My kids have been so darn healthy this past year that we hadn’t needed to call. I exchanged a brief email with Janice and that was all the contact we had.

On Monday, I was thinking about Josh. I don’t know why he crossed my mind but he did. I received an email that evening saying that he had passed away that afternoon.

The room for Josh’s remembrance was filled past capacity. Josh’s family, friends, colleagues and many acquaintances came together to share stories, tears, laughter and much music in his honor. His stepdad’s stories of  watching Josh, the boy turn into Josh, the man left me wanting to hear more.  His children and many of his friends simply shared their part of Josh through the music that he had taught them to love.

Everyone spoke of his smile. That was the picture I had of him on Monday when he crossed my mind. Josh and his “150 watt smile.” He turned that smile on everyone and when he did, he lit up a room. As I saw everyone gathered to remember Josh I thought, not only did he light up a room with that smile but he lit up a large portion of the world.

It was hard to believe with all those people in one room talking about him that Josh wouldn’t just walk right in and party along with us. I guess because I was not part of the process of his leaving, I couldn’t imagine him not being there.

The world will not be the same place without Josh Berry.

So to his wife, Janice, who I must say I’m lucky to have spent even a little time with and gotten to know and his children, who are showing the signs of growing up into the kind of people who will make Josh proud, I dedicate this post.

photobella’s note 2/23/09: I hope you don’t mind that I edited this post. I don’t usually do that but the program from Josh’s memorial was sitting on my desk and I can still hear Jonas and Javas singing his song so I wanted to include it. I also wanted to add information about the Josh Berry Memorial Fund because I’m sure the family will still need it. You can make donations to: The Josh Berry Memorial Fund c/o Hickok Funeral Home, P.O.Box 68, Watertown, CT 06795

~ by photobella on 6 February, 2009.

3 Responses to “photo of the day (in memory of Josh Berry, N.D.)”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Josh was our daughter’s beloved ‘healer’ of nearly three years. Brilliant, loving and so very gifted. She, and we, will miss him so very much. We were blessed to have met and been cared for – beyond words – by this beautiful man. God used him to help us save our daughter. He touched so many lives. I appreciated your honest and kind tribute. Blessings, Diana

  2. I just happened to be goofing around on the web looking for old friends and I came across this page and burst into tears. I have so many questions. I met Josh in 1988 I believe and lost contact about 10 years or so ago. Could you please e-mail me.

  3. I am so glad I found this…although I’m 5 years late. I went to high school with Josh and this is the first I’ve heard of his passing, so it comes as a shock. I was just thinking of him the other day. I’m so glad you speak of his smile because that’s exactly how I remember him – that megawatt smile! He was always so happy and kind, a friend to everyone. It makes me so sad to know he’s no longer with us. Best wishes to his family.

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