photo of the day (another snow day)


Yes, another snow day. Another day with the kids home from school. Ok, Clare home from school; homeschooling Nick means he is always home. As the day wore on, fluffy white snow of the morning turned to rain, which then turned to slush. There’s nothing you can do when you want to go outside and sled but it is raining. And slushy. Believe me, a rainy, slushy day is not a memorable photographic occasion.

So I did not take any pictures of the rainy, slushy mess outside. In fact, after Nick and I came in from cleaning the cars off and shovelling the part of the driveway that Dave can’t get with the plow, I didn’t even want to look outside. I know this isn’t over yet but I have had enough.

Instead, this picture of one of my grocery store tulips will have to suffice. I think the tulips are on their last legs and I will have to make another trip to the store for some fresher blooms to keep my hopes up and my thoughts positive that I will make it til Spring.

I’m seriously trying to ignore the fact that they are predicting more snow for the beginning of next week.

~ by photobella on 28 January, 2009.

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